For individuals – Coaching topics

Cooperation with others
  • Collaboration with superiors, peers, employees and customers
  • Communication, speaker skills, presence
  • How to motivate oneself and others
  • Knowing one’s impact on the behaviors and attitudes of others
  • Growing into a new role or task
  • Decisions making
  • Dealing with "change"
  • Interacting with difficult employees or superiors
  • "Emotions": Benefiting from them and dealing with one’s own and those of others
Personal and professional development
  • Realize your vision through establishing, developing and achieving goals
  • Achieving desired behavioral and attitudinal changes
  • Strengthen self-confidence, self-esteem and self-management skills
  • Eliminate inner barriers and personal obstacles
  • Strengthen the "visibility" for oneself and one’s performance
  • Confidence for presentations and speeches and sharing one’s personal “story”
  • Increasing awareness and developing one’s sense of intuition and "gut feeling"
Burnout / stress
  • Mindfulness
  • Solving burnout; assessment, prophylaxis, rehabilitation, returning to the job
  • Regaining vitality, motivation and self-confidence
  • Mastering the balance between family, career and self
  • Sleeping and getting up well rested
  • Reduce stress through exercise, nutrition, relaxation and HRV-training
  • "Deep Transformation": Resolving old and engrained patterns of behaviors or emotions such as fear, anger and sadness
Crises and challenges
  • Preparing for impending challenges, e.g. difficult meetings, exams, presentations, etc.
  • Outplacement: ‘Get fit’ and ready to find a new job including career assessment, personal marketing strategy, interview preparation and in-placement
  • Dealing with disappointments or injustice
  • Working through a ‘blow of fate’
  • Overcoming crises (personal or business)
  • Living through periods of change (personal or business)
  • Clarifying uncertainties and supporting decision taking (personal or business)
Life questions
  • Self-reflection: past - present - progress – future
  • Finding closure to past experiences, moving forward and determining next steps
  • "What do I really want?": Taking decisions
  • Expanding and going beyond one’s limits
  • Contemplating spiritual questions: “Where do I come from, where am I going, what is my purpose and my worth?”
Dealing with emotions
  • Manage anger and overcome aggression)
  • “Deleting” fear
  • Processing losses and disappointments
  • Clarifying guilt and shame
  • Living one's own joy
  • Finding inner peace
  • Strengths of mindfulness
  • Staying relaxed with emotions of others

My understanding of coaching

Coaching activates resources, provides new insights and strengthens self-efficacy.

As a coach, I support this process by creating an environment that allows the client to have successful experiences and new insights.

I work with the whole person - their thinking, emotions and their embodied states. If there is consonance between these three levels, the achievement of an intended objectives is more likely.

“Coaching facilitates self-directed neuroplasticity” – Jeffery Schwartz, Neuroscientist