Our Tools

Keller & Partner Ltd makes use of a wide range of tools, diagnostics, analytical methods and techniques that can be customized for a client’s needs and situation. Below is a selection of the tools that can be incorporated into our work together:

Group 1: "Measure" - To assess the status quo

For individuals:

  • EQ-i, EQ-360: Emotional Quotient
  • Insights Discovery: Behavioral preferences according to C.G. Jung
  • Biofeedback Imaging: Presentation of current psycho-emotional state
  • Lüscher color diagnostic: Detecting unconscious motivators and needs
  • Stress Pilot / HRV scanner: Measuring the physiological regulation and stress tolerance
  • Body Media: Digital recording of sleep pattern and physical activity
  • 72-hour ECG: Visualization of stress during day and night time
  • Questionnaire for the validation of self-perception
  • Career Leaders to assess professional and career motivators

For teams • organizations:

  • EQ-360: Emotional Quotient, 360 degrees
  • Insights Discovery Team Wheel
  • Surveys to measure corporate culture or lived values: DOCS / Value-Culture Map
  • Structured interviews and surveys

Our Factsheet provides more details (German): Factsheet "Our tools"

Group 2: "Tools • Techniques" - To raise awareness and achieve goals

Many of these approaches can be used for both individual situations and with groups. They aim to raise awareness of one's behavior and attitudes. They are also helpful when practicing new behaviors or processing specific experiences:

  • Solution focused interviewing and questioning techniques
  • Working with the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM) by Maja Storch and Frank Krause
  • Working with the "4-room model", the "change curve" and the "SCARF" approach
  • Mental observation techniques that strengthen awareness for one’s perceptions and discovery of one’s behavioral patterns
  • "Tapping techniques" such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), MET or Ho'oponopono
  • Video feedback
  • Systemic simulations for evaluating complex situations and to find intuitive solutions
  • “Presencing” according to Otto Scharmer to find innovative ideas by tapping into one’s subconscious knowledge
  • Acting techniques, role playing
  • Breath and body work
  • Simple muscle testing technique or dowsing

Our Factsheet provides more details (German): Factsheet "Our tools"