Trainings for teams . organizations

Training offers for teams and organizations

We develop customized training in various formats for your team or company-wide campaigns and learning and development initiatives. We create innovative, impactful and inspiring experiences that incorporate the latest findings in "brain-friendly learning" and research.

Selection of training content for teams and organizations

  • The power of the positive leader
  • Giving and receiving feedback the “brain-friendly” way
  • Solution-oriented employee and customer meetings
  • Coaching4Managers - from "Command & Control" to "Coach & Develop"
  • Neuroleadership4Leaders: leadership, motivation and engagement with the brain in mind. "Brain-oriented" employee leadership, motivation and commitment
  • Feedback that is aligned with the brain’s needs.
  • “Change with the brain in mind“ – “Why brains have an allergic reaction to change”
  • Speaking skills: competence, presence, personality and authenticity
  • Self-management with the Zurich Resource Model
  • Know thyself to be able to lead others-
  • Emotions4Leaders: Acknowledging and understanding emotions – dealing with them and using them in an effective way.
  • New Manager Assimilation Program (NMAP)
  • Developing a team and company-wide motto through applying the Zurich Resource Model
  • Different training formats for relaxation, mindfulness, sleep, burnout, dealing with pressure and mental attitude
  • Development and delivery of company-wide, multilingual training campaigns in cooperation with partners.

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Design, development and delivery of "brain-congruent" trainings

Effective trainings are «brain-friendly». They activate the self-motivation of the brain and leave lasting impact.

Based on client needs, I develop «brain-congruent» training formats in collaboration with partners, e.g. for national or international campaigns.

Public Seminars · Continuing Education

My public seminars offer a pragmatic insight into proven coaching approaches. Participants learn about themselves and apply specific tools and techniques they can immediately use for themselves or for interactions with others. Please contact Keller & Partner Ltd. to explore learning opportunities for you or your organization.

Currently, no public trainings are being offered.