Our values and beliefs

It is our belief that we can only be credible as coaches and consultants, if we strive to live what we ‘preach.’ Whether it is one-to-one in the office, with our customers or in our private lives – this is our goal.

We strive for authenticity, because we are convinced that it is the foundation for a successful, sustainable and joyful collaboration. We consciously challenge ourselves with new questions and we are eager to continuously grow.

The below statements are important to us and we incorporate their spirit into our work with clients. They give you a sense for our attitudes, values and beliefs:

  • There is nothing more motivating than sincere appreciation - no matter how "small" it is.
  • Pressure and threats lead to obedience - joy and support lead to development.
  • Development cannot be prevented or stopped.
  • "Command & Control" was yesterday - "Coach & Develop" is today!
  • Any form of pressure, friction or resistance indicates some form of rejection of ‘that which is.’
  • Emotional experiences leave traces.
  • There is no learning without emotions.
  • Everything is much easier, better and usually faster with joy and enthusiasm.
  • Emotions are highly contagious - the "good" as well as the "bad"
  • Resonance Principle: We can only give or receive what we have first integrated within ourselves.
  • A human brain loves stability and security - it doesn’t want change.
  • Each experience encompasses the possibility of two sides.
  • Every moment is an opportunity to start anew.
  • To be successful and to earn money may be a source of joy.
  • "The sky is the limit" - each person defines his or her own limits.
  • Life is about possibilities and opportunities.
  • Freedom and self-responsibility go hand in hand.
  • The only thing we can take along are experiences.
  • We, as human beings, have no problem with our problems. They are with us all the time. Humans have much more of an issue with enjoying and celebrating who they are: unique and perfect in their own way.
  • There are things in life that cannot (yet) be explained.
  • Life has a deeper meaning, which we can explore and discover.
  • It is a fundamental right of every human being to be him- or herself.
  • Happy is a person who knows they are on their own path.
  • People act as good as they can at any given moment and under circumstances they are in. Or did you ever get up in the morning with a conscious intention of "doing a bad job"?
  • It is a gain of life quality, energy and motivation when one's own vision can be realized simultaneously at work and in private.
  • To be able to make mistakes proves greatness and richness. Babies show us how - they learn to walk by standing back up after they have fallen down.
  • New experiences keep a man and his brain young.
  • It's never too late. It is always early enough to start anew.
  • The ability to remain relaxed in every moment is a desirable trait.
  • No one "must do" anything.
  • As long as we are alive, we do everything right from the perspective of life.
  • Only the Strong knows that he is inviolable in his greatest vulnerability
  • It is the purpose of one’s life, to put oneself in first place
  • Each person and their chosen approach to life, deserves the deepest respect
  • The successful ones are not happy - the contented ones are happy.

What are your views?